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Custom, American-Made Humidors

In 1994, James Pendergast invented the first automatic humidified cigar display case. Prior to that humidors utilized passive humidification, such as a variety of clay bricks in water baths, floral foam in water trays, a towel across a dowel rod for passive humidification by evaporation. Mr. Pendergast designed, built and patented the first automatic humidor; one that used an active fan based humidifier with an evaporative filter in a water bath, supplied by a self-contained water tank, with supply and return plenums and air vents for moving the airflow across the tobacco, all controlled by a central controller, a humidistat. One would simply set the desired humidity set point, and the system would maintain that.

Mr. Pendergast and his expert team are back as Pendergast Humidification Systems, producing the standard in case humidors made by specialty cabinet makers, with the same old world charm. This time the system has a new digital central control with built in intelligence for the humidification system; simple yet elegant, easy to use but smart. It monitors control cycles, and provides warnings for unusual humidity cycles to alert you.Simply set your humidity level, add water, and maintain happy cigars.

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